Rudraksh Kapil


This page showcases a select subset of both small and large, individual and team projects that I have worked on and completed. Most of them are hosted on GitHub.

ML, DL, and Computer Vision

Game Development

Blade Demon: Runner

Skills: C#, Unity, Visual Studio, Maya, Blender, Object-oriented Design, Animation, Joystick Setup.

Flick To Kick Rugby - Paper Edition

Skills: C#, Unity, Swift, Xcode, Scripting, Visual Studio, Google Play Ads, Deployment/Publishing, Updates, In-app Purchases, Maya, Blender, Object-oriented Design, Animation, UI/UX, Multi-media/platform dev., Testing.

App Development

Attendance Tracker

Skills: JavaScript, NodeJS, ReactJS, XML, JSON, Python, Java, Git, IntelliJ, Spring, Google Firebase.

Revenge of the Sudoku

Skills: Java, Android Studio, Kotlin, Google Ad Services, CSS, XML, JSON, IntelliJ, Javascript, Backtracking, Device Emulators, APIs, UI/UX design, Deployment.

Web Development

Personal Website (this one!)

Skills: Frontend, Multi-Platform Web Dev., HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Liquid, Jekyll, Hyde, GitHub, Markdown, XML, JSON, UI/UX.