Rudraksh Kapil

Flick To Kick Rugby - Paper Edition

Skills: C#, Unity, Swift, Xcode, Scripting, Visual Studio, Google Play Ads, Deployment/Publishing, Updates, In-app Purchases, Maya, Blender, Object-oriented Design, Animation, UI/UX, Multi-media/platform dev., Testing.

Description: This game was my first Unity 3D project to be published to the Google Play Store, and my first project as a member of GBit Studios. The core gameplay is similar to that of paper football, where the objective is to score as many field goals as possible. I programmed the core gameplay for the three different game modes, as well as the customisation shop mechanics. In addition to the programming and development of the game, I was also actively involved with the actual release.

The game has now reached over 1000 installs!