Rudraksh Kapil

Revenge of the Sudoku

Skills: Java, Android Studio, Kotlin, Google Ad Services, CSS, XML, JSON, IntelliJ, Javascript, Backtracking, Device Emulators, APIs, UI/UX design, Deployment.

Description: Revenge of the Sudoku is a novel twist on classic sudoku, allowing two players to play against each other (or for a player to play against the in-game AI). Players take turns placing numbers to fill empty game board while adhering to the laws of sudoku, and last player to make a legal move is the winner.

Although this is technically a game that has been published to the Google Play Store, it is listed under this section because it was the first original android app I developed using Android Studio. I incorporated all of the key concepts I learned from The Complete Android O Developer Course available on Udemy. Although I learned the basics from the course, actually creating my own app and releasing it was definitely a valuable learning experience because I got a better understanding of the entire pipeline, from development to release.

I’m proud to say that it has now reached over 1000 installs!

Revenge of the Sudoku App Screenshot