Rudraksh Kapil

About Me

Hello! My name is Rudraksh. I'm an ML developer at NRCan, and recently got my M.Sc. Thesis-based Computer Science degree from the University of Alberta. I'm highly skilled in machine learning and deep learning, especially in the computer vision domain, with proficiences in Python & its various libraries (PyTorch, scikit-learn, etc.), C++, Java, and C#. I'm actively seeking Machine Learning Engineer or similar Developer/Engineer roles in industry where I can bring a data-driven approach to solve practical problems by building quality software. You can find my full CV here. Feel free to reach out to me over email or LinkedIn.

I'm currently working as an ML Developer, a position I was promoted to from my FSWEP placement, with the Canadian Federal Government at Natural Resources Canada. I leverage cutting-edge computer vision techniques to solve Forest Health Monitoring problems using drone imagery. During my master's degree, I published three first-author papers at top venues like ICPR and WACV. I have also worked as a ML/DL Researcher and Teaching Assistant over several semesters, and served as a Lead Student Instructor for a Python Programming undergrad course during one of those.

In 2021, I graduated First Division with Distinction from NIT Warangal with a B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering. Some highlights during my undergrad include co-authoring two research papers, being the Lead Programmer for the game dev startup GBit Studios where I created and released several games built using Unity and Android Studio (Java), and interning at Oracle.